On Letting Go: An Unexpected Haiku

Letting go, how so?
As of now I'm not quite sure
What it even means

But I hope to learn
Sooner rather than later
I'll just wait and see

How it all unfolds
One step, then another one
Slow and steady, right?!

It does seem quite right
Why the rush? What's the hurry?
It will all unfold

In its own way; time
I get ahead of myself
Sometimes I slip up

I forget to breathe
Come to my center; calm
Still practice I must

To be undisturbed
Eye of the hurricane; still
It remains balanced

Despite being surrounded
By a maelstrom and chaos
It remains centered

Poised, resolute, determined
To let only peace abide
Within it, always. 🙂

Like the ocean deep
It too is calm, undisturbed
Diving deeper still

Perhaps this is key
Perhaps this is the answer
A life-long question

So dive, I must dive
Deep down, deeper still, down, down
Inward and onward

'Til I reach that point
The space between you might say
That sweet spot within
David Miller
David Miller
You are, you are not
It is and yet it is not
I am, I am not

In the space between
Where things are and they are not
Is where I must go

To be, simply put
To just be, to just be free
To learn how to be

That's saying something
I hope -- maybe, maybe not
It's all Greek to me 🙂

Yet, on some level
It really seems to make sense
When you're not thinking

When you let it go
When you listen with your heart
rather than your head

Then it all makes sense
Perfectly so -- perfect storm
Yes, that perfect storm

With waters raging
Tempest, upon the surface
Again I must dive

To that sacred space
Just beneath the stormy seas
To find my center

Within, yet without
That sweet spot, the space between
Many names it has

One thing in common
In order to find yourself
You must lose yourself

Truth to some, not all
Take it how you will; your choice
It's all Greek to me 🙂

Ironically, this post was originally supposed to be about letting go of expectations and some of the insights that I’ve gained along the way. However, interestingly enough, I didn’t know what to write…so somehow the story that I didn’t quite know how to start became an unexpected, poetic haiku. Perhaps somewhere along the way the right story will come up and then I can share it with you. This poem also helped me to realize that life, from my perspective, is just the soliloquy of soul given form and substance. Talk about diving deep — that sounds pretty deep to me. Wouldn’t you agree? Tee hee hee! 😉

PS: I chose the artwork for this haiku because it illustrates a main point: despite the surface being tumultuous and stormy if you dive deep enough it becomes calm, quiet, and peaceful. This is also true of the hurricane or at least the eye of the hurricane. The eye is known to be the calmest part, despite being surrounded by turbulence, the center of the hurricane is the most calm. So this haiku is about me learning to find my center.

A Little Poem on Gratitude

Adelaide Hiebel

This is a poem I wrote some time ago — I wanted to share it again because it pertains to gratitude, appreciation, and remembering to see the little blessings in life that can sometimes go unnoticed. After I wrote my last post, An Attitude of Gratitude, this poem kept coming up again and again in my head…it is entitled “Two Little Words that Mean So Much…” Enjoy! 😀

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Brigitte Jost
A simple thank you
All it takes, no more, no less
To show your thanks...Thanks! 🙂

Gratitude is a state of being, a quality, and a perspective that I hope to cultivate to a greater degree. Why, you may ask? Well, there are a number of reasons, for instance, I have found that too often in life I have unintentionally taken for granted many things: good health, good friends, a warm bed to sleep in at night, reliable transportation, etc. It’s these little blessings in life that I’ve noticed one can tend to overlook and become blind to because we’re so accustomed to them being in our everyday life. My intention with this endeavor is to begin to try and see the everyday blessings in my life a little more so that eventually as I begin to take greater notice of these little wonders, I’ll learn how to see life from a place of gratitude.

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